Uber Eats service stops working in Russia

31 May 2018
As many of you may recall, back in February, Yandex and Uber announced the closing of a deal to merge their cab order business in Russia and a number of neighboring countries. Already in June, a single platform for both services will be working. Also, under the terms of the agreement, Uber Eats, which is ceasing to operate in Russia, has joined the structure of the "Yandex.Food" service. The food delivery service Uber Eats no longer accepts orders in Russia. Instead, users are invited to use the application Yandex.Eats. In this case, the first five orders are offered to issue with a discount of 30%, for which you will need to enter a promo code UBEREATS. Partners Uber Eats began transferring restaurants to the platform Yandex.Eats in the spring. Now there are more than two thousand restaurants in Moscow connected to the service from Yandex. Among them are those which had previously only cooperated with Uber Eats.