Along with Honor Play, Huawei may introduce Kirin OS

31 May 2018

Not so long ago, it became known that Huawei was preparing to introduce a breakthrough technology for smartphones. The company's management itself calls it nothing less than "scary". With a high degree of probability, it could be the company's own operating system.

Reports that Huawei began developing its own mobile OS began to appear back in 2012. It seems that the work is almost at an end and Kirin OS, based on Linux, will soon hit the market. Most likely, it will be presented on June 6. That day is the presentation of a new smartphone Honor Play, which should be the first to implement the "scary" technology Huawei, which will be a real breakthrough in the field of smartphones, according to the company's management.

Recall that the head of Huawei - Yu Chengdong, said that the difference in the speed of mobile devices using the company's new technology will be enormous. According to him, it will be comparable to "flying in the sky.