Lenovo showed its "most frameless" smartphone

01 June 2018
Not so long ago, Lenovo made several high-profile announcements that made many potential buyers look forward to the release of new devices. We are talking about promises to release a gadget with 4TB of internal memory, as well as the "most frameless" smartphone. At least the second of them is almost fulfilled.As previously reported, the Lenovo Z5 gadget will get record-small frames around the screen. At the same time, the company was in no hurry to demonstrate its appearance, periodically teasing potential buyers with photos of individual parts of the gadget. But now images of the gadget in full size have appeared in the network. After the information about the new frameless gadget appeared, many users argued whether it will get a notch at the top of the screen and whether it will be equipped with a front camera. As it turned out, fans of selfies have nothing to worry about. The camera didn't disappear anywhere, it was just moved to the thin bottom frame of the smartphone, along with all the necessary sensors. Fortunately, Lenovo decided not to copy the iPhone X and there will not be a cutout at the top of the smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to say with certainty that the Lenovo Z5 will look exactly like in the published photos. The device may still undergo some changes. In any case, the smartphone will be officially presented on June 5. Then all the details will be known about it.