Google Chrome will let you log in to websites without a password

01 June 2018
A new version of the Google Chrome browser has been released. Among a number of improvements, there is a very interesting innovation that will allow users to sign in to the sites they want without having to enter a password.It's about the introduction of Web Authentication standard support in Chrome 67 for Windows, Mac and Linux. As the name implies, it allows users to log in to sites using unique information such as fingerprints or USB keys. Recall that Mozilla Firefox was the first to support the standard mentioned above. In addition, the company Microsoft is working on its implementation in the browser Edge. In addition to the possibility of authorization without a password, Google Chrome 67 has received a number of other improvements. Compatibility with virtual reality devices has been improved using the Generic Sensor API for virtual reality helmets and fitness trackers. Chrome also has improved isolation between tabs to, among other things, prevent exploitation of the Spectre vulnerability, which affects most modern processors.