A vulnerability was found in Android that allows you to read the latest SMS

04 June 2018
The Android mobile operating system turned out to be vulnerable to a curious vulnerability. It allows you to read the content of the last SMS, by entering a special code into the Google search application.The vulnerability was discovered by the owner of Google Pixel 2 XL under the nickname Krizastro. According to the information he published, if you enter "the1975..com" in the search bar, the results will show the last SMS-message. Later, users of other gadgets, including Samsung, Huawei, HTC and LG, confirmed a similar problem. It is reported that a similar effect can be achieved by entering in the search bar and other phrases: "Vizela viagens", "Izela viagens" and "Zela viagens". However, the vulnerability affects only the Google search app, while entering the above codes in browsers does not display the latest SMS. Google representatives have already commented on the vulnerability discovered. According to them, it is associated with "language recognition error" and is observed only on users' devices that have provided Google app access to their contacts. In addition, they promised to fix the vulnerability in the near future.