The Huawei scandal through the eyes of social media users

28 May 2019

The scandal surrounding Huawei is still raging. Users of the brand all over the world are divided into at least three camps. Some are trying to get rid of their devices by selling them on the Internet, while others are trying to exchange them through Samsung's Trade-in program (which does not work in Russia at the moment). There are those who quietly use smartphones from Huawei and are not going to change them for anything.

The news about the U.S. sanctions against Huawei in general was a shock to many users. Not so long ago Google announced that it was restricting access to its applications. It should be said that this software will not disappear from the smartphones of old users. However, according to rumors, Huawei and Honor users will no longer be able to receive updates via Google Play. But still, in the long term, the situation is not clear yet.

Many technobloggers recommend waiting until the end of August if you plan to buy an expensive flagship smartphone from Huawei or Honor. For now, the companies have been given a reprieve and it is possible to use American technology. But what will happen after this period, no one knows yet.

Recently, there have been a lot of posts on Twitter in support of Huawei. One user writes:

Скандал вокруг Huawei глазами пользователей соцсетей

A user with the nickname Shameless decided to take a deeper look. He wonders:

The hashtag #huawei on Twitter provides quite a bit of background information. For example:

Скандал вокруг Huawei глазами пользователей соцсетей

A Twitter user with the nickname Revazrezo writes (author's spelling and punctuation preserved):

Users, for the most part, are asking questions like this:

"Is it really true that there are people who sell the world's best smartphone because they were told on TV that there might be something wrong with it in a while, but even then, it's not a fact. I don't believe such people exist."

So far, there really is no understanding of how this situation will unfold next. Information will be updated.