Samsung announced chips that support 100-watt charging

29 May 2019

The giant company this week announced power controllers that support 100-watt (5A/20V) charging. According to Samsung representatives, they will provide a high level of security.

Now on the market, the fastest chargers are considered those that support 50 watts. As an example, the Chinese brand Oppo with their SuperVOOC Flash Charge.

If we talk about Samsung, it is not news that the company not so long ago for the first time equipped some of its gadgets with 25-watt wired chargers. However, the brand has something to answer to its competitors. This week, the company announced the SE8A and MM101 power controllers. The chips reportedly support 100-watt charging.

Samsung анонсировала чипы, поддерживающие 100-ваттную зарядку

A press release from Samsung says that both chips have built-in flash memory, which gives the ability to update the necessary programs. The controllers are equipped with a built-in Secure Element, and they also support USB Type-C Authentication protocol. It will be able to protect against identity theft in public places, where everyone has access to chargers.

Samsung said that at the moment MM101 is being released as a test sample. SE8A launched in mass production.

The chips can be used not only in smartphones, but also in tablets and computers, laptops and even monitors.

So far, there is no data on where the new chips will be used for the first time.