Huawei's Kirin 1020 single-crystal system will be released in 2020

30 May 2019

Even if we do not take into account the fact that Arm and Huawei have so far interrupted their cooperation, the latter are still working on the development of the Kirin 990 single-crystal system. Perhaps it will be released in 2020.

According to some reports, Arm with Kirin 990 SoC technology will be released in 2020. At the same time in the next Kirin 1020 Huawei will use only its own developments.

The new graphics subsystem will have half the performance increase. Power consumption will be reduced.

Однокристальная система Kirin 1020 от Huawei выйдет в 2020 году

The giant company Huawei, which has recently become almost the center of public attention, interested in the latest trends in the world of technology, is developing its single-chip system. According to available information, now the company will use processor cores Arm Cortex-A77 and a graphics processor Arm Mali-G77. Produce the system by extreme ultraviolet lithography on 7-nanometer process.

Experts say that if you compare the Kirin 980 with the new system, the performance of the new CPU will increase by 20%. Power consumption at the same time remains the same. The graphics subsystem will increase by half, reducing power consumption.

After the Kirin 990 the next system will be the Kirin 1020. Huawei will use 100% of its own developments.