Google ad blocker will only be available to corporate users

31 May 2019

The company proposed the changes back in January. The essence of the innovation is that the system extensions will change, making adjustments to the principles of interaction with the API Chrome webRequest.

We found out a few days ago that Google is going to stop using ad blocker for corporate users only. The change is called Manifest V3. It will change the way ad blockers work. Things will also change for regular users.

"Manifest will slightly change how uBlock Origin and Ghostery work. This will happen because the principles of interaction with the Chrome webRequest API will change.

Блокировщик рекламы Google будет доступен только корпоративным пользователям

WebRequest can block ads before the page has even loaded. AdBlock works differently, for example. It removes ads from a page that has already been loaded. This works, but it is less effective.

Why Google does this is clear. After all, it is advertising that brings the main income. The company explained that they are not satisfied with the interface webRequest, but not even with the fact that advertising is blocked at the stage of pre-loading. Google has decided to change its approach. It will be the same blocking of unwanted content, but now only corporate clients and Chrome users will be able to take advantage of it. The company decided that it could be important for developers who create extensions based on webRequest, but not for blocking ads.

Ordinary users, on the other hand, will have to put up with it. Chrome is reportedly limiting ad blockers to 30,000 rules. At the same time, popular lists such as EasyList have over 75,000 rules.

There is no specific information on this yet, but Google has said that the number of restrictions may increase. This will depend on performance tests