World Developers Conference on June 3: What will be interesting?

31 May 2019

WWDC, which will take place on June 3, will start with a large plenary session. Here, they will talk about operating system updates, announce applications, services and new devices.

Worldwide Developers Conference is one of the most important events from Apple, at WWDC, presentations of operating system updates, new applications and various innovations in the devices and services are usually held.

According to rumors, the conference on June 3, 2019 will present updates to iOS 13, namely its dark mode, as well as refinements to a number of applications and improvements to multitasking on the iPad, including the creation of applications with multiple windows. There is a view that developers will have access to features that allow Siri to integrate with other services.

Всемирная конференция разработчиков WWDC Apple 3 июня - что будет интересного

If we talk about the new macOS 10.15, the Marzipan project plans to make it possible to develop apps using UIKit frameworks. It is also used for iOS and probably it will bring a lot more applications to macOS, which have been available only on Apple smartphones until now.

There is also information that the new macOS will allow the iPad user to use the gadget as a second screen for Mac.

In addition to the system updates will be other surprises. For example, a label, which when attached to something, its owner will receive data about the location of things on the iPhone.

Most likely, a new Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with a completely new design and new "guts" will be announced at WWDC: ARM processor, not Intel. According to rumors, there will be an Apple 31.6-inch monitor with 6K resolution.

In any case, the conference is just two days away. There and we will know whether the rumors will be confirmed or not.