Skype has finally pleased its users with a long-awaited feature

06 September 2018

What so many people have been waiting for has happened. Skype can finally record video calls, without the use of any third-party programs.

It was announced back in July that Skype would get the long-awaited video call recording feature. Finally, the wait that lasted about 15 years has come to an end. Reportedly, Skype's call recording is not saved to users' devices right away. Instead, it is uploaded to the cloud, from where all participants in the conversation can download it themselves. Of course, when the recording starts, all interlocutors are notified that the conversation is being recorded. The storage period of the recording on the cloud is 30 days.

Curiously, the innovation is already available on all platforms except Windows 10. The developers promise to fix this injustice in the "coming weeks". In the meantime, all users of "10" can only wait, or try the innovation on other devices.