Skype will lose a feature many people didn't know about

04 September 2018
Perhaps everyone has tried Skype at least once. It is not surprising, because the program makes it much easier to communicate with family and friends, regardless of the distance separating the users. The developers of the company Microsoft are constantly working on improving the product, adding to its arsenal of new features, but sometimes the audience refers to innovations very cold. This was the case this time as well.Not so long ago, the Highlights feature was added to Skype, which is a copy of the "Stories" popular in many instant messengers. However, the novelty turned out to be completely unclaimed, and some people did not know about its implementation or did not pay attention to it at all. Due to this, Microsoft has decided to refuse to support Highlights and remove this feature from the application. Moreover, Peter Skillman - Director of Design for Skype and Outlook, said that many innovations in the design of the application that were implemented last year, made access to basic functions difficult for many users. This was the reason for starting work on the next update of the Skype interface. It is known that the new design will focus on the main features of Skype, namely voice and video calls, as well as chats. Those who have tried and liked the Highlights feature has only to recommend downloading the already downloaded "stories. You can do this until September 30 of this year.