Sony fixed a PlayStation 4 vulnerability

18 October 2018

Not so long ago we reported that a simple text message can disrupt the PlayStation 4. It seems that Sony specialists managed to find a solution to this problem in quite a short time.

In a published official statement, Sony representatives said that when receiving a text message, the game console did not fail, but only went into a cyclic reboot for 5 minutes. As previously reported, in order to interrupt this process, users had to delete the received message from the mobile application. After that, it was necessary to reboot the PlayStation 4 in safe mode and select Option 5. After performing these actions, the user could use the game console again.

Now you don't have to perform the described steps to restore the performance of PS4. Thanks to the efforts of Sony specialists, the problem is solved automatically, without user's participation. We can only hope that the company will continue as quickly to solve all the problems with their devices, if they arise.