Making calls through Google Duo is finally possible directly from the messenger Allo

20 June 2017
The next update of the Google Allo messenger has been released. It would seem that the application already has all the necessary features and the developers should have concentrated on the release of the client for PC, but the latest innovation will appeal to many.It seems that the small steps are beginning to happen what many have been talking about since the presentation of the aforementioned applications at the event Google I/O 2016. After installing the latest updates, Allo users will be able to initiate calls through Duo, right from the chat window with the selected interlocutor. In all likelihood, this will only be the first step toward integrating services that most users believe should not be separated initially. The innovation works as follows. First, you need to launch the messenger Allo and start a chat with the desired user. In the upper right part of the chat window, near the profile image, the Duo icon will appear. By clicking on it, you can instantly invite your chat partner to continue communication in a voice or video call. We should add that if the invited user has not installed Google Duo, he will be offered to do it. Soon everyone will be able to try the new feature. To do this, you only need to install the current versions of Google Allo and Google Duo.