Employees of state companies may be required to use the domestic browser "Sputnik

21 June 2017
Many people probably remember that back in May 2014, the Sputnik project was launched. Not only was the new domestic search engine made available to users, which, however, never became popular, but also a fairly convenient browser of the same name. It seems that soon all state companies and government agencies may be obliged to use Sputnik to work on the Internet.Mikhail Oseevsky, president of Rostelecom, shared this information in his interview for RNS. According to him, the discussion on the need to use national browser for the needs of government agencies as well as bodies of state corporations is already going on. This is largely due to the fact that most popular browsers are owned by Western companies, so users' personal information may leak abroad. It is very likely that a special draft law will be prepared to force employees of state bodies and state-owned companies to use the Sputnik browser. Despite the fact that the Sputnik browser, owned by Rostelecom, could not seriously compete with Yandex or Google products, it is still definitely noteworthy. It features such popular features as "Advertiser", "Stalker", which ensures safety on the network, a special mode for children, as well as many others. In addition, it is reported that "Rostelecom" plans to create additional applications within the project "Sputnik". So far, the company is studying the needs of users, so what services will be launched in the future has not yet been reported.