Steam no longer accepts payment in bitcoins

08 December 2017
In the official blog of the popular digital distribution service - Steam, there was a message about the termination of support for bitcoin as a method of payment for purchases. Representatives of the service claim that the reason for the withdrawal of bitcoin support was the frequent and dramatic changes in their value. In cases where bitcoin lost up to a quarter of its value in a couple of days, or just as dramatically increased in value, there were problems with possible refunds. In addition, if the exchange rate had time to change while the user was paying, it was necessary to return the difference in value, or to request an additional payment from the payer. Another negative moment, which caused the rejection of bitcoin in Steam, was the drastic growth of the commission. Whereas previously it was only 20 cents per transaction, now it has reached $20. This not only makes the purchase of games or software less profitable for users, but also causes additional difficulties when it is necessary to make an additional payment when the rate changes. In this regard, Valve representatives have decided to stop accepting bitcoin as a payment method. However, they added that this decision can be reconsidered in the future. The innovation has already entered into force and all owners of the cryptocurrency will have to pay for Steam purchases in another, more familiar way. At least for a while.