Telegram for iOS will soon be rewritten in Swift

21 September 2018
According to Pavel Durov, major changes will take place in the Telegram messenger in the coming weeks. We are not talking about introducing new features, but about improving and optimizing the existing ones. It became possible due to the migration to Swift.Thus, the popular messenger will be rewritten from scratch in the Swift programming language, created by Apple. This will help improve speed and reduce resource consumption while maintaining all the features and familiar design. Curiously enough, Telegram X is also written in Swift. Therefore, it is not clear whether the developers will continue to support two similar products, or get rid of the "X"-version of the messenger. There is also an opinion that Telegram X will become the replacement for the standard Telegram, which the developers talked about. In any case, both versions of the messenger are still available for download in the Apple app store for devices.