Tests show that the iPhone XS Max is not afraid of beer

24 September 2018

Many people have probably heard that Apple introduced three new iPhones at once. Two of them - iPhone XS and XS Max, became the first gadgets of the company with protection against dust and moisture at the level of IP68. Of course, such an innovation is simply impossible not to check and specialists iFixit conducted their own experiment. However, it came out very unusual.

Recall that the senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller, during the presentation of the new iPhone, said that the gadget can withstand a half-hour dip at a depth of two meters in water, as well as other liquids. Experts at the gadget portal iFixit decided to test this claim and "drowned" the new iPhone XS Max... in beer.

The smartphone was placed in a flask with beer at a depth of two meters. All what happened further was recorded on video. The experiment has shown that the "drowned" is not afraid of beer: instead of the claimed 30 minutes, iPhone XS Max has spent in a flask for about 5 hours, after which it was decided to terminate the broadcast for a long time.

Thus, practice has shown that the new iPhone does boast an impressive protection against moisture. Nevertheless, given the high cost of the device, repeating the experiment at home and deliberately drowning it in beer is an extremely dubious venture.