Telegram X is finally available for Android users

23 January 2018
Finally, something has happened that many fans of communicating with friends in messengers have been looking forward to. The improved official Telegram client, previously only available for iOS gadgets, has been released for Android smartphones and tablets as well.As with Telegram X for iOS, the alternative messenger client for Android boasts faster performance, smooth animations, and several design themes. In addition, Telegram X allows users to share any files, regardless of their size or format. Interestingly, this application has been available in the Android app store for quite some time. The fact is that previously, it was called Challegram. It was developed by Vyacheslav Krylov, the winner of the competition to create an alternative Telegram client for Android, who joined the messenger team in early 2017. Recall that Challegram was optimized for 64-bit processors and created using Telegram Database Library technology, which contributed not only to an increase in data transfer speed, but also increased the level of information protection. Under a more recognizable name - Telegram X, the application was presented to users only on January 22 this year. Everyone can finally try out the novelty and compare it with the more familiar Telegram client.