The updated DuckDuckGo app will help get rid of online surveillance

24 January 2018
It's no secret that many sites on the web track users' actions. Data is also collected by such giants as Google and Facebook. Therefore, many people use various tools and services to protect themselves from surveillance, including mobile applications and a search engine from DuckDuckGo Inc. The developer said in a recent blog post that the updated browser extensions and DuckDuckGo mobile apps will allow users to be more private online than they would be in incognito mode in their usual browsers. This is helped by a new anti-surveillance feature that automatically blocks trackers, if any, when you navigate from the search engine to the desired site. In addition, DuckDuckGo makes sites use an encrypted connection whenever possible.The developers have prepared another interesting surprise for users. Now, DuckDuckGo automatically grades the privacy level of visited sites on a scale from A to F. Also, users will have access to information about the absence or the number of trackers, as well as support for encryption of connection. Everyone can learn about the innovations. DuckDuckGo extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and owners of gadgets running Android and iOS can download the updated browser of the same name.