Yarovaya Package" requirements on storing all traffic came into force

02 October 2018
Three months have passed since the so-called "Yarovaya Law" was adopted. Nevertheless, in July this year, when the law came into force, the operators did not have the possibility to store users' data. In this regard, the Government provided the operators with a postponement until October 1. And now the respective term has come to an end and now the operators are obliged to store all user traffic.Recall that the delay until October 1 was given due to the fact that the operators were not legally able to store users' traffic. Simply put, the certified equipment required for this purpose was not available at the time. Now communication operators must store call records and messages sent via cellular networks for six months, and all content sent via all kinds of messengers - 30 days. It is worth adding that the law also requires operators to increase the amount of storage for user information by 15% annually for the next five years.