Released updated Telegram for iOS, rewritten from scratch in Swift

01 October 2018

At the end of last month, we reported that Telegram for iOS would soon be rewritten in Swift. Finally, the work on the app has come to an end, and Telegram 5.0 is now available to everyone.

Those who were hoping to see a completely new messenger will be disappointed: Telegram did not receive any external changes. But it boasts a number of other more important improvements. For example, Telegram for iOS now consumes much less power and runs much faster. Also, it is worth noting the improvement in the speed of synchronization, message delivery, and improved animation. This is made possible by the transition to the Swift programming language, created by Apple.

Despite the release of the long-awaited update, the question of further fate of Telegram X, also written in Swift, remains unanswered. Both versions of the messenger are still available in the Apple App Store. Time will tell if the Telegram team will support both apps.