In the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max found a problem with charging

01 October 2018
Many owners of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max report a defect. This time, it is associated with the inability to charge the smartphones.It is reported that the new flagships from Apple do not charge in sleep mode. However, in order to still charge the smartphone, it is not enough just to "wake up" it: you will also need to disconnect the Lightning cable and connect it to the iPhone again. Reports about the corresponding problems are coming from all over the world, so we can say with confidence that it is not a single defect. In addition, Lewis Hilsenteger - host of the Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube - decided to check the information about the above defect personally. It turned out that of the eight iPhones XS and iPhone XS Max tested, only one charges in sleep mode. Moreover, one iPhone XS Max could not be "woken up" by pressing the power button, and another refused to accept a charge at all, even with the screen on. Curiously, the new iPhones do not charge in sleep mode only when charging "the old fashioned way", that is, when connected via cable. On wireless stations no problems are observed. Apple specialists have not yet made any official statements on this matter. Many experts believe that the reason for the malfunction lies in the software. So we can hope for a speedy release of a patch, which will finally allow owners of flagship iPhones to charge their smartphones without any problems.