Vivo unveiled an improved on-screen fingerprint scanner

28 September 2018
The presence of fingerprint scanner on the modern smartphone is not a surprise any more. In recent years, mobile devices have been increasingly equipped with on-screen fingerprint sensors, instead of the more familiar ones located on the back cover or at the bottom of the front panel. And recently the Chinese company Vivo introduced a new technology to capture the user's fingerprints through the gadgets' display.The relevant novelty was presented at a recent press conference. On-screen fingerprint scanner of the fourth generation from Vivo has become even faster and more accurate than its predecessor. So, its fingerprint reading speed has increased by 40%. For example, to unlock a smartphone equipped with this novelty will take only 0.35 seconds. In addition, the new scanner has shown more stable operation in bright light. It became known and the first smartphone, which will be equipped with a screen fingerprint scanner of the fourth generation. It will be the recently announced Chinese company's own smartphone - Vivo X23. And whether the novelty will justify the hopes of the manufacturer and potential users - time will tell.