Lenovo showed its own flexible smartphone

28 September 2018
Lenovo representatives published a curious video on the company's Weibo page. On it you can see the flexible smartphone, first shown in 2016, in action.Despite the fact that the company has previously demonstrated a prototype of a flexible smartphone, in the recent video it looks more like a production device. Recall that in 2016, Lenovo did not release the gadget to the market due to the rapid failure of screens caused by numerous bending. Of course, for a flexible smartphone this is unacceptable and the manufacturer set a goal to refine the technology so that the gadgets can withstand tests with 70000 bends and unbends. It seems that this goal has been achieved after almost two years of work. According to some reports, the new flexible smartphone from Lenovo can debut as early as October this year. Nevertheless, there is no information about its characteristics yet, as the company somehow managed to avoid leaks about its development for the whole two years.