Vivaldi browser is now even more comfortable and secure

27 September 2018
Vivaldi Technologies has released an updated version of the browser of the same name. Vivaldi number 2.0 received a number of improvements and became even safer.Browser, Vivaldi, created by the developers of Opera, received one of the most extensive updates this year. Among its new features we can mention the introduction of enhanced options for interface and program components customization, new adaptive themes, built-in tool for taking screenshots and support of Split-Screen mode, that allows to work with several sites simultaneously.But one of the main innovations is data synchronization with cloud storage. This means that all user data, including bookmarks, saved passwords, sites from the quick access panel, extensions, history of viewed pages, notes and autocomplete data, will be synchronized with all the user's computers. At the same time, all this data is securely protected by end-to-end encryption and transmitted only through Vivaldi servers. It is also worth noting the introduction of new tab management features. Now, the user can group, anchor, drag and rename them as well as search or unload them from the computer memory. Developers say that this has helped to ensure a comfortable and stable browser experience with any number of active tabs. Of course, this is not a complete list of improvements to the browser. Everyone can get acquainted with them personally. To do this, you only need to download the current version of Vivaldi on your computer.