Color electronic paper officially introduced

20 December 2019

Many people know what e-ink is. E-ink technology has been around for a long time. But until now, it has only pleased us with monochrome screens. You could only hope for grayscale.

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E Ink decided to remedy this. A technology called Print-Color was announced. The development makes it possible to create electronic paper in color.

Print-Color pixels can be blue, black, green, red and white. In addition, they are combined. The result is a multicolor image.

The product challenges the classic panels. The traditional pluses are retained. New displays do not tire the eye and do not "go blind" in the sun. Among other things, they save the battery.

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The energy is spent exclusively on redrawing the picture. Hence the amazing autonomy of the readers. Print-Color is doing well in this regard.

E Ink is currently working on the invention. The rollout will start in Q2 2020. Print-Color will probably debut in premium readers first.

How will color affect price? We'll know in a few months.