Xiaomi has released an Amazon Kindle counterpart

21 December 2019

More readers - of all kinds. Xiaomi has decided to challenge Amazon Kindle. The Chinese company introduced the Xiaomi Multi-View Electronic Paper Book.

Image from ithome.com

What is interesting about the "reader"? First of all, the gadget is affordable. The price for this product is 85 US dollars. Many people can afford this amount. Secondly, the new product pleases with characteristics.

Xiaomi Multi-View Electronic Paper Book offers a 6-inch display. We are talking about a panel with a pixel density of 212 ppi. In addition, there is a backlight of 24 LEDs.

The screen is based on an electronic paper and saves battery. The energy is spent only on redrawing the image. The battery capacity is 1800 mAh.

Image from ithome.com

Among other things - the device is equipped with a 4-core processor. The Allwinner chip with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz is used. The amount of RAM is 1 GB. A 16 GB flash drive serves for data storage.

Support for popular formats is announced. Among them:

  • ppt
  • txt
  • xls
  • epub
  • doc
  • pdf

The above is only part of the list. Also the device is connected to the "cloud" Xiaomi. Completes the package messenger WeChat.

Image from ithome.com

The OS is Android 8.1. Not the most up-to-date software.