Twitter launched a prototype of a new app in test mode

12 March 2019

The popular social network for messaging has launched its application in test mode. It is called twttr.

In order to start using it, it is necessary to apply for participation in the program - Twitter Prototype Program. Twttr can be used by anyone whose device runs on iOS. To date, several thousand people are already testing the application.

The developers of the application said that the people involved in the testing can assess the various design differences, which facilitate the use of the service. They indicated that they hope for honest feedback and criticism.

Twitter запустил прототип новой программы в тестовом режиме

It is not yet known when the full version of the application will be available to all users. What functions the application will have is also not known. However, it is believed that the interface of the program will be similar to the usual messenger.

It is worth noting that Twitter itself will also change. It will be possible to hide certain tweets and responses.