Xiaomi will release a mechanical watch with a unique marble dial

12 March 2019

The world-renowned Chinese company will present a mechanical watch for $160. The new accessory will have a marble dial.

The watch will be called Ultratime Zero. At the heart of the new Xiaomi watch is a Japanese quartz movement Miyota 2039.

On the eve in China opened the sale of a new accessory from Xiaomi. This is a mechanical watch Ultratime Zero. They were specially prepared by a local manufacturer - Beijing Taihuo Red Bird Technology.

Xiaomi выпустит механические часы с уникальным мраморным циферблатом

The watch will cost 160 dollars. As the company promises, each will be unique. The fact is that the new items from Xiaomi have a marble dial. It is made of marble brought from different parts of the world. This means that all watches will have a different dial pattern. Therefore, each one will be unique.

Ultratime Zero's design resembles a sundial in its minimalism. Their diameter is 42 mm, the thickness of the case is 9 mm, it is made of special steel.

The top of the dial is artificial sapphire crystal.