Outdated versions of Skype will be impossible to use from March 1 this year

06 February 2017
Surely many people remember that Microsoft has announced its intention to abandon the already familiar P2P model in favor of cloud infrastructure. Finally, they found out the dates for the final transition to the cloud, which may leave users of outdated devices without communication with their friends and family.So, a huge number of users have less than a month to enjoy communication in Skype: from March 1 of this year, it will be impossible to sign in to the old versions of the program. The most acute problem is for lucky owners of gadgets from Microsoft, because now will be supported only by the latest operating system: Windows 10, while the majority of owners of such devices are still using version 8.1. Of course, the transition to the cloud infrastructure will cause Skype inaccessibility for users of other operating systems. Thus, on March 1, Skype for Windows version 7.16 and below will stop working, as well as Skype for Mac from 7.0 to 7.18. As for the mobile OS, the program will be completely unavailable on gadgets running Android 4.0.2 and below, as well as older iOS 8.0. In general, these changes were not something unexpected, because the first such reports began to appear last year. So, for those who plan to continue to communicate using Skype, should have enough time to choose and purchase a more modern mobile device or update the operating system on a PC. For those who for some reason do not plan to do this, we can recommend to choose another way of communication with relatives and friends, such as ooVoo, or Viber or other messengers, which already have a function of video calls.