First Orthodox messenger based on Telegram

06 February 2017
Despite the rather large number of already existing messengers, new ones are appearing everywhere. Some of them are designed to communicate with relatives, and some are designed to unite people belonging to a particular group. Thus, Orthodox believers got their own messenger.The first Orthodox messenger was created as part of the Internet project "Pravozhizn.rf. It was given the name "Pravozhizn Telegram" and just looking at it makes it clear that it was created on the basis of Telegram. Like Pavel Durov's creation, the program allows not only exchanging messages, but also sharing various files, including images and audio or video recordings.One of the main differences of the Orthodox messenger from other programs for communication via the Internet is the ability to subscribe to the channels of a huge number of churches and always be aware of the latest news and events related to them. And the clergy will be able to accept requests for prayer help from ordinary users. In this case, according to the developers, all the channels are encrypted and accessible only to subscribers. By the way, Pravozhizniy Telegram was not the first messenger for believers. Not so long ago there was a release of Kirsan, designed specifically for Buddhists. It is worth adding that the messenger is focused not only on Russian-speaking Orthodox believers, but also on users from around the world. Therefore, Pravozhizn Telegram is available both in Russian and in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and French. Everyone can now try the web version of the Orthodox messenger. Also owners of Android gadgets can install the mobile version of the program.