Microsoft speaks of an impending shortage of programmers

03 July 2019

The world-famous company has been talking for years about the growing shortage of programmers. Programmers are at the top of the job market.

Microsoft predicts that in the next few years, the shortage of programmers around the world will increase to one million vacancies. In part, this shortage is attributed to the development of artificial intelligence. This is especially true for things that have access to the Internet. In particular, voice assistants.

В Майкрософт говорят о нехватке программистов

Microsoft says: Previously, in order to consider yourself a successful programmer, you had to know several languages and freely code in them. Now the emphasis is on the knowledge of programming both for client devices and for platforms from the service provider.

On July 1, Far Eastone Telecommunications of Taiwan announced the launch of the project, a programming talent incubator. The telecommunications giant, together with Microsoft, will train specialists in three areas: smart online sales, smart manufacturing and healthcare. The new personnel will be trained on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

It is worth noting that there is always a demand in the labor market for good programmers. Often such specialists are offered excellent working conditions in the office or remotely, a good competitive salary and many other pleasant bonuses.