In iOS 13 it will be possible to transfer data between smartphones over the wire

04 July 2019

Some changes related to this have been noticed in the code.

ios 13 что изменилось

Experts from 9to5Mac compared the code of iOS 13 beta 2 version and iOS 13 beta 3. After the analysis, it turned out that in the Setup application - which is launched during the initial setup of devices, after the reset new resources appeared.

There is an opinion that this change may indicate that Apple is developing a new way to transfer data between devices.

Currently, things are as follows: when setting up a new smartphone, all data is restored from a backup in iTunes or iCloud. It is also possible to transfer data to the new device if the user logs in to their account.

iOS 13 передача данных через провод

With the release of iOS 13 all the necessary data can be transferred from one device to another by wire.

It is not known yet how exactly this will work. Apple has no cables like Lightning - Lightning, and even more so to connect two iPhones.

However, there is information that in the near future Apple will release smartphones with Type - C connector. They are already equipped with them iPad Pro, and successfully used in MacBook.