Experts found a critical vulnerability in Mozilla FireFox

19 June 2019

Experts from Google suspected that Firefox threatens users' cryptocurrency. If you haven't updated your browser yet, you need to do it urgently.

A critical vulnerability in Mozilla was used to steal digital money and install malware on users' devices.

Attackers attacked the user through a browser flaw and stole cryptocurrency. The scheme has been used before. The vulnerability was discovered by Coinbase Security and Samuel D. Gross of Google. Experts say the browser weakness led to a possible glitch for cybercriminals to exploit.

В Mozilla FireFox эксперты обнаружили критическую уязвимость

"We are aware of targeted attacks in practice that have exploited this vulnerability," Firefox says on its website.

Hackers learned of the browser vulnerability before the developers released a new version of Firefox, and the threat was given the highest threat level. This means that the Mozilla malfunction could be used by attackers to install software without user consent.

No other details are available yet, but the potential danger still persists. The updated Mozilla Firefox has fixed the problem.

At this point, all users are urged to update to the current new version.