An unmanned air cab will fly in Russia. When?

29 January 2019

Flying an unmanned aerial cab, for example, to visit a guest is quite an accessible reality. An approximate date for the appearance of such a method of transportation in Russia has been named.

Sergei Zhukov, co-director of the National Technical Initiative (NTI) AeroNet working group, predicts that drone cabs will appear in Russia in about 10 years.

Беспилотное такси в России

The media, quoting the expert, write that the entire world is currently working on the creation of such a method of transportation. In total there are about 117 projects, while only a few of them are in Russia.

The scientist believes that in the nearest future technologies will start developing more intensively and unmanned cab will be able to start much earlier than in 10 years.

Sergey Zhukov says that an aerotaxi is an automatically controlled aircraft, whose takeoff and landing routes are limited to short stretches. It requires takeoff and landing strips not outside, but inside the city. It is also possible for such an aircraft to land vertically, for example, on the roof of a building.

To date, the main task of AeroNet, created in the framework of the NTI, to help develop the market in Russia unmanned civil aerospace systems and services based on them.

Recall that NTI - a government program of measures to support promising industries and areas of technology business that could become the foundation of the global economy over the next 20 years.