Watchdog: Myth or Reality?

25 January 2019

Sony is working on a color version of the robot dog aibo. It will be similar to the beagle, and the feature will be the ability to patrol the premises. It should be noted that the room patrol mode, or as it is also called - aibo Patrol, will give all Sony aibo models after installing their version 2.0, which will be released in mid-February.

Робопёс aibo от Sony

In fact, it's not just another new mode, it's a fundamentally different concept in the use of robotic dogs. Sony has given it the name securitainment - from a combination of security and entertainment, which in Russian means security and entertainment.

The concept will be developed in cooperation with SECOM CO., LTD (SECOM). Perhaps, in the future, the project will be joined by others.

It is worth stressing that SECOM specializes in home security systems in Japan. The company, based on the experience of Sony, will create special services and modes for abio and present them in the form of entertainment modes abio Patrol.

Робособаки Sony

And since Sony began selling robopass in the U.S. in the fall of 2018, it should be understood that such a trend will be adopted in the U.S. market.

The robot dog costs as much as $2,900 in the U.S.. This price includes a package of services for communication with the remote service and cloud storage (for the U.S. - Amazon). For a three-year period of use, you have to pay about $1,000. The dog will save photos on the service - no more than 500, but it all depends on their volume, various programs and settings to notify the owners. Despite this, aibo Patrol mode, according to Sony, promises to be free. The owner of the robopass will be able to build him a route of patrolling the premises according to the maps received from the robopass. It is also possible to set a certain time for this.

Abio Patrol робопёс

The dog will start moving along a certain path to the soundtrack from the movie "Puppy Patrol". Robops can set images and names of up to 10 people. Whom he can identify while patrolling or searching freely. All of this can be controlled in the My aibo app on your smartphone. Patrol events are displayed in a special report.

Those who want to expand the abio capabilities will be offered a premium subscription, the aibo Premium Plan, in July 2019. For a month there, however, you will have to pay $13.5. A special feature of this subscription is that the dog can even be sent outside the house - on the street. Also, you can view the dog's real-time status when he's on patrol and receive immediate notification about the whereabouts of the desired person. You can save as many photos as you want in the vault with this subscription, a special diary will be created. In the company's understanding, this means "integrate more deeply with family" and "don't forget unrepeatable moments."