There will be a free trial period for all apps on the App Store

08 June 2018
One of the main inconveniences of Apple's app store for gadgets was the inability to try paid programs for free. Requests to correct this injustice were sent to the company not only by users, but also by developers. It seems that the management of the IT-giant has finally decided to support this idea.The thing is that Apple has released updated instructions for applications in the App Store. The amended rule 3.1.1 states that developers can leave a free trial period for their apps. This will allow users to first try out the features of paid programs, as well as innovations from built-in purchases, before paying for them. Recall that previously the trial period in the App Store was available only for applications with a paid subscription, which caused certain inconvenience for mobile and Mac users. Now, the opportunity to install a demo version will appear for all paid applications in the App Store.