Yahoo! Messenger will cease to exist after 20 years of work

09 June 2018

As many may remember, one of the oldest messengers, AIM, closed at the end of last year. It seems that its fate will soon be repeated by another long-lived messenger: Yahoo Messenger.

Recall that Yahoo Messenger started back in 1998 and became one of the first messengers. To this day, it could be used by both Windows PC users and owners of Macs and gadgets on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. After 20 years of operation, Yahoo has decided to close the messenger. According to data published on the official website, to use Yahoo Messenger will be impossible from July 17.

Despite the fact that so far direct replacement for Yahoo Messenger has not been presented, the developers of the company are working on a group messenger called Squirrel. The new product is almost ready to use and is in beta-testing stage. Everyone who wants to try it out now. To do this, it is necessary to send a request to the company for access to the new messenger.