Skype will appear in BMW cars

14 July 2017
BMW was one of the first carmakers to add Office 365 services to its onboard computer, the latest version of which will now allow drivers to participate in Skype conferences right from inside the car. The car's onboard system will notify the driver when the conference begins, allowing them to connect without manually entering a number. BMW also plans to improve integration with the calendar, contacts and to-do lists from Microsoft Exchange. First of all, the company will introduce the new functionality in France, Germany and England, followed by other countries. Earlier this year, BMW also announced plans to introduce Cortana, a digital assistant developed by Microsoft as part of the Connected Vehicle program, in some of its cars. By design, drivers will be able to access the assistant through a dashboard control screen, which will also provide quick and easy access to to-do lists, reminders, news, events and other Cortana features.