The U.S. government banned Kaspersky

13 July 2017
The reason for this was suspicions of close cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and the Kremlin and the FSB. Such accusations are not new. However, now a number of major American publications, including Bloomberg News, have reported that the ties between the antivirus developer and the Federal Security Service were much closer than previously thought, which is why the US government administration has banned the use of Russian antivirus software in government departments and federal agencies. Kaspersky, in turn, has denied all the charges, and claimed, in a statement on his official website, that his company has no "close ties" with the Kremlin. However, he admitted that his company occasionally assists law enforcement agencies in uncovering cybercrime. In his blog, the head of the company wrote: "For unknown reasons, there are periodic assumptions that because we are a Russian company, it means we are connected to the Russian government. But seriously, does anyone really think that we would be able to survive this long as a pawn of some government?"