Facebook Messenger will launch paid newsletters

05 March 2018
Users of some popular messengers, especially Viber and WhatsApp, are already used to receiving promotional messages from various companies. It seems that soon such messages will be received by Facebook Messenger users as well.It became known that a new tool called Messenger Broadcast Composer will soon become available to owners of commercial Facebook pages. It will allow sending messages to all users with whom you've corresponded before. Those who fear that the new tool will be used to send spam do not need to worry. The developers intend to introduce a limit on the number of messages. Moreover, Messenger Broadcast Composer will allow sending messages only to users who have previously written to the sender. We cannot say for sure yet when the new tool will be launched officially. All we know is that it is already being tested and is available to owners of some commercial pages in the United States, Mexico and Thailand. At the testing stage, its use is completely free, but after the global launch, Messenger will have to be paid for sending messages.