Facial recognition feature launched on Odnoklassniki

02 March 2018
Good news for Odnoklassniki users. Now it's even easier to find acquaintances and tag them in photos thanks to the introduction of face recognition.The new feature allows you to find acquaintances by photo and automatically tag friends in photos with just one click. Facial recognition technology based on computer vision and neural networks is used for this purpose. The innovation will be especially useful for those who want to find their old acquaintances or relatives who may have changed their name or place of residence. Using the innovation is very easy. It's enough just to upload a photo in an album, a note or a newsfeed. After that, the social network will automatically offer to mark the found users on the photo. A person who uploaded an image will be able to confirm the proposed marks or to replace them with their own. Those who won't like the innovation will be disliked, the developers have left the opportunity to reject the marks or even prohibit to mark yourself on the photos in the settings of the social network. Everyone else can try out the new feature on their own. You can do this both in the desktop or mobile version of the social network, as well as in the official mobile application.