Instagram will soon have a portrait mode for photos

07 March 2018
TechCrunch has shared curious information about the popular Instagram photo service. It seems that soon it may get support for a new feature, which will especially appeal to fans of selfies.We are talking about the introduction of a portrait mode for photos. Recall that when shooting in this mode, the main emphasis is placed on the person in the frame, while the background becomes blurry. Such an effect has been gaining popularity since the release of the iPhone 7 Plus, but until now only some smartphones could boast of its support. The introduction of portrait mode in Instagram will make it available to everyone. A hint of work on this feature was found in the installation file of the Instagram app for Android gadgets. More precisely, in the apk-file a new icon with an image of a person with the caption "portrait_shutter_icon" was found. Representatives of Instagram have not yet commented on this finding. Thus, there is no information about the timing of the appearance of the innovation in the final version of the application, so everyone who wants to try out the new feature in practice should have patience and wait a little longer.