Korea has created a material that repairs cracks and dents on its own

16 January 2018
Probably many people can no longer imagine life without a powerful smartphone. Along with the development of technology, they have gained many features for every occasion of life, but they are still vulnerable to a fall. Every day a huge number of gadgets completely or partially fail, slipping out of the user's hands. It seems that soon we can forget about this problem.The fact is that the employees of the Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology have created a new material called "Elastomer". Its most interesting property is the ability to get rid of dents and cracks by itself within half an hour. Interestingly, Elastomer can recover at room temperature and, unlike other self-repairing materials, has a sufficient strength limit to make its use commercially viable. In addition, the creators of the material claim that it can be used as a protective layer on mobile devices, thanks to such a high recovery rate of external damage. Recall that "Elastomer" is not the first self-healing material, which is planned to be used in the creation of smartphones. Late last year, a professor at the University of Tokyo introduced glass with the same properties. Also, the self-healing material was discovered by chemists from the University of California, Riverside, USA. Their creation turned out to be able not only to repair damage in a day, but also to grow to a size up to 50 times larger than the original. And in August 2017, Motorola received a patent for its own self-healing screen. Unfortunately, despite the rather large number of such technologies, all of them are still in development and the approximate timing of their practical application in the production of gadgets can only be guessed at.