A vulnerability was found in macOS High Sierra that opens access to anyone without a password

12 January 2018
As some may recall, a vulnerability was recently discovered in macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 that allowed a user with root rights to log into the operating system using a blank password. At that time, Apple quickly issued a fix and apologized to users, promising to better monitor the quality of the product in the future. Nevertheless, a similar problem has already been found in OS version 10.13.2.We are talking about the discovered Open Radar vulnerability in the latest macOS High Sierra version. It is reported that it allows users to unlock the App Store menu in the system settings using any password, even a password that does not fit. This information has been checked and confirmed by employees of MacRumors resource. It's worth noting that such a "hack" can only be used to access App Store settings, while access to other sections is not affected. In addition, only administrator accounts are exposed to it, while ordinary users can rest assured that their App Store settings are intact.