A loyalty program will appear in the Google Play app store

11 September 2018
XDA Developers announced a curious finding in the code of the latest version of the Google Play Store. It seems that Google, just like a huge number of banks, carriers, stores and other companies, plans to launch its own loyalty program. It is reported that this program will be called Google Play Points. Its participants will be able to get points for each purchase as in the application store Google Play, as well as within the applications. The received points can be used to top up Google Play balance and to buy new software and games. To get 1 point you will need to spend 100 Japanese Yen, which is approximately equal to $0.9. It is likely that in the U.S. for convenience the "cost" of points will be rounded up to $1.Also, XDA Developers found out that the program provides 5 levels of involvement: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Perhaps, they will differ in the level of cashback and other benefits. There is no information about the launch date of the project yet. Moreover, no official statement from Google on this still has not come. At the moment, we can only assume that the innovation will first be tested among users in the U.S. and Japan, and only then will be available worldwide.