Odnoklassniki social network launched paid broadcasts

10 September 2018
The experts of Odnoklassniki social network announced the launch of another interesting feature. It is a question of paid video broadcasts.The launch of broadcasts with a one-time pay per view is already available for a number of partners of the social network. The Kontinental Hockey League was the first to try the novelty. In the official CHL community you can now watch broadcasts of matches in HD-quality. In this case, the cost of viewing will be the same as on the league website and will be 75 rubles. After payment, you will be able to watch the broadcast on any device: an Android or iOS gadget, computer or TV with Smart TV or Android TV. It is reported that you can pay for the broadcast with your bank card. In addition, all customers will be able to get cashback in their own virtual currency of the social network and spend the proceeds on stickers, gifts for friends, or a subscription to music and other services of "Odnoklassniki". It is worth adding that while the new monetization feature is only available for partners of the social network. However, in the future the possibility to publish broadcasts with pay-per-views will be available for all content producers.