New insider build of Windows 10 learned how to sync SMS and photos with smartphones

10 September 2018
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced "Your Phone" for Windows 10. At that time, it was reported that the new product would not only help synchronize data, but also allow receiving and sending SMS directly from the PC. Finally, the corresponding application became available, but only for insider members.The corresponding application saw the light as part of the Windows 10 build 17755 update for insiders. Once launched, it will prompt the user to install the "Microsoft Apps" program on their smartphone. After that, all you need to do is log in to your Microsoft account on both devices. By following these simple steps, everyone will be able to use the "Your Phone" app on their Windows 10 PC to read incoming SMS, as well as to send new text messages. Of course, sending SMS will be done from the user's phone and will be charged as usual. Only members of Microsoft's insider program, who prefer Android mobile devices, can use the novelty so far. For iOS devices, as well as the final version of Windows 10, the innovation will reach only later.