A new voice assistant came out of nowhere

07 September 2018
No one is surprised by a voice assistant of their own, produced by a smartphone manufacturer or another IT company. Perhaps everyone has heard of Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Samsung's Bixby. Lenovo announced the launch of an assistant called Cava last year, and Facebook M, which worked as part of the Messenger app, ceased to exist after only a short period of time. But a new voice assistant came out of nowhere. It was presented by the German company Bayerische Motoren Werke, better known as BMW.The new assistant is called BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. To be fair, we should note that it will not work on smartphones, but on cars of the German manufacturer. Of course, to call the assistant, the user will not have to say his full name. To call the assistant by default there will be a command "Hey BMW", but the owner of the car will be able to change it at his discretion. It will be possible to use BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to control the climate, navigation, make calls, as well as to check the car specifications, and much more. At the same time, the assistant will learn and over time will independently offer the user certain options and services, depending on the situation. Curiously, the cars of the Bavarian manufacturer have previously been installed Alexa and Cortana assistants. According to BMW representatives, all three voice assistants will work together, but each of them will have its own field of work. BMW development is based on a cloud platform Microsoft Azure. In this regard, the assistant boasts integration with Office and Skype. Initially, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will understand 23 languages, but the number will probably be increased over time. The first cars with the German automaker's own assistant will go on sale in March 2019.